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  • LTLRE conference Area 1 Oct 2019

    LTLRE Area 1 Conference St Mellion: October 2019 Presentations and resources: Corrine: Ofsted and the broad balanced curriculum Jezz, Kate and Vicky: Through the Looking Glass Gill Tewkesbury Organising a multi-faith RE day Katy Staples Don’t Fence Me In The new ofsted framework through a primary RE lens_October 2019 Corrine Guntrip Ruth Flanagan RE updates2019 Keynote […]

  • Holocaust Memorial Day

    Holocaust Memorial Day resources Artefacts_documenting_Nazi_Holocaust Human specimen laboratory concentration camp letter Jews-of-the-West-Country HMD programme Exeter Jan 2020 Standing Together brochure Winchester

  • Secondary resources

    St Boniface

  • Mayflower 400: RE lesson plans

    Here is a set of RE lessons to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to the New World RE lessons for Mayflower 400

  • LTLRE conference (West of England) June 2019

    Here are the resources shared by speakers and workshop leaders at the Bath Spa conference on 28th June 2019 Ed Pawson: Conference_intro2019  Dr Chris Hewer: Shia Islam ;  Shia Islam 1;  Islam book Chris Hewer Dr Helen John: LTLRE_2019_HelenJohn;   Who is Jesus Juliet Lyal: Juliet Lyal-new ofsted framework RE lens;      Juliet Lyal- Leading RE in an infant […]

  • Swindon: Places of Worship

    Directory of Swindon Places of Worship

  • RE resources sheet for schools

    This sheet contains details for teachers of RE on recommended resources for the classroom RE_resources_sheet_2018

  • RE secondary survey KS4 2019

    Devon and Torbay Secondary RE departments: please complete the following survey and return to [email protected] Secondaryschool_RE_survey_2019

  • List of Faith and belief visitors for Devon schools


  • Area 2 Conference Bath June 2018

    Nonreligious worldviews CS  LTLRE 2018 Reportage – DF1 dels  LTLRE 2018 Key Stage 5 activity Sushma Keynote Sushma Understanding Hinduism Lesson from Corrymeela Islam_workshop_slide Creating a safe place for discussion Sushma Understanding Dharma Islam_subject_knowledge_June2018 LTLRE_Key_Stage_3_Sikhi(sm)_For_Website Kevin OG Exploring the importance of using research in RE Janet O Promoting religious literacy in secondary RE classrooms.29.5 Exploring […]

Great LTLRE hub leader training looking at bias and the importance of referring to context @KatieKates_84 shared this little gem https://t.co/97QtZnje6u ltlre photo

Interesting analysis of Easter dates cross-curricular RE https://t.co/rYlLahXx1C

The opportunity to explore 50 religious treasures, artefacts and manuscripts in depth #freenewresource https://t.co/SWBCC0htwU

A very worthwhile day. Lots to disseminate to our hub leaders on Tuesday. Thank you. https://t.co/8FPuYx2Dkd