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  • RE resources sheet for schools

    This sheet contains details for teachers of RE on recommended resources for the classroom RE_resources_sheet_2018

  • RE secondary survey KS4 2018

    Devon and Torbay Secondary RE departments: please complete the following survey and return to [email protected] RE_school_survey_KS4

  • List of Faith Visitors for Devon schools


  • Area 2 Conference Bath June 2018

    Nonreligious worldviews CS  LTLRE 2018 Reportage – DF1 dels  LTLRE 2018 Key Stage 5 activity Sushma Keynote Sushma Understanding Hinduism Lesson from Corrymeela Islam_workshop_slide Creating a safe place for discussion Sushma Understanding Dharma Islam_subject_knowledge_June2018 LTLRE_Key_Stage_3_Sikhi(sm)_For_Website Kevin OG Exploring the importance of using research in RE Janet O Promoting religious literacy in secondary RE classrooms.29.5 Exploring […]

  • GCSE Islam resources Ed Pawson 2018

    1 GCSE_Islam_subject_knowledge_June2018 1b Muhammad Family Tree 2 Shia Islam 3 Islam ethics 4 Abbrogated texts 5 Ahmadiyya 6 Muslims and Christians same God? 7 Nature of Allah 8 Religious Trees 9 Key differences between Sunni and Shi’a beliefs and practices Shi’a perspective shi’ism and the shi’a

  • Islam GCSE resources

    Lesson A Nature of Allah Lesson A Sources for Nature of Allah Lesson B Final Sermon Lesson B Muhammad Lesson C Risalah Prophethood Lesson C Story about hurry to Allah Lesson C Why has God sent prophets Lesson D Sunni and Shia Flipped learning Lesson D Sunni and Shia Lesson E 12 imams Lesson E […]

  • Database for trips and visitors Bristol, South Glos and Area 2

    Download the spreadsheet: RE trips and visitors directory Feb 2018

  • Guidance on visits and visitors (NATRE )

    Guidance on visits and visitors (from NATRE website): (8.2) Checklist for visits  

  • Conference resources Area 1 2016

    Ed Pawson Read the picture and Reading the picture creative use of pictures in RE (primary secondary) TW After Dinner Speech Grace Davie Grace Davie – Religion in Modern Britain PowerPoint presentation Tatiana Wilson and Corrine Guntrip ‘Deepening enquiry through planning a coherent learning narrative’ (primary focus) Deepening enquiry through planning a coherent learning narrative BLANK PLANNING GRID Sister Iqbal […]

  • Conference resources from Area 2 2017

    Alice Sarbicki: Teacher Guide RGS exemplar, RGS exemplar, Key stage 3 plan, LTLRE Presentation A Sarbicki Deborah Weston: LTLRE Keynote 020717 DW, Shi’a Islam KS4 final Emma McCarthy: Emma McCarthy Esther Messinger: Stretch and Challenge RE, Working memory CPD Fiona Moss: LTLRE keynote 2017Bath, Teaching Islam How Why What Janet Orchard: sharedspace_handout. 30.06.JO+AW_even more extra slides, Handout PAGE 1, Handout PAGE 2, The milk and the jasmine flower story Jill […]

Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 3:59pm
Area 1 Conference Materials Can be found here https://t.co/SmtIT5Z7RQ #LTLRE18