Alice Sarbicki: Teacher Guide RGS exemplarRGS exemplarKey stage 3 planLTLRE Presentation A Sarbicki

Deborah Weston: LTLRE Keynote 020717 DWShi’a Islam KS4 final

Emma McCarthy: Emma McCarthy

Esther Messinger: Stretch and Challenge REWorking memory CPD

Fiona Moss: LTLRE keynote 2017BathTeaching Islam How Why What

Janet Orchard: sharedspace_handout. 30.06.JO+AW_even more extra slidesHandout PAGE 1Handout PAGE 2The milk and the jasmine flower story

Jill Dickinson: Jill Dickinson Christianity KS402 Lesson Plan God Evil and Suffering11 Lesson Plan Bible as Authority Inspiration and Revelation

Jo Malone: LTLRE KS3LTLRE presentation Ks2

Iris Segal: Judaism Here and Now Iris Segall

Alison Duffett: Sensory RE Workshop

Denise Cush: Mahayana Buddhism

Dave Francis: Dave Francis Wisdom Reflections

Pauline Dodds: Pauline_Dodds_Understanding_Christianity


Monday, October 15th, 2018 at 3:59pm
Area 1 Conference Materials Can be found here #LTLRE18