How does RE connect with Relationships and Sex Education? (cross phase)

November 26th 2020 4:00pm - November 7th 2020 5:15pm

Katy Staples

4.00-5.15pm Thursday 26th November 2020

Free, on Zoom

Katy Staples is the RE adviser to Bristol SACRE; she also wrote the RSHE guidance materials for Church of England schools. So, Katy is uniquely placed to explain (a) what the new guidance on RSHE says and (b) how this can link to good RE.

Much of the new RSHE guidance is quite functional; adding an RE focus can provide opportunities for a deeper, more philosophical understanding of the ‘Why’. An RE perspective also brings a number of different worldviews into play when exploring sex and relationships topics, moving beyond some of the narrow secular assumptions that the official guidance may embed.

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A very worthwhile day. Lots to disseminate to our hub leaders on Tuesday. Thank you.