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  • List of faith and belief visitors for Devon schools

    List of faith and belief visitors for Devon schools: Faith:belief_visitors_schools_weblist_Apr2018

  • Database for trips and visitors Bristol, South Glos and Area 2

    Download the spreadsheet: RE trips and visitors directory Feb 2018

  • Guidance on visits and visitors (NATRE )

    Guidance on visits and visitors (from NATRE website): (8.2) Checklist for visits  

  • Conference resources Area 1 2016

    Ed Pawson Read the picture and Reading the picture creative use of pictures in RE (primary secondary) TW After Dinner Speech Grace Davie Grace Davie – Religion in Modern Britain PowerPoint presentation Tatiana Wilson and Corrine Guntrip ‘Deepening enquiry through planning a coherent learning narrative’ (primary focus) Deepening enquiry through planning a coherent learning narrative BLANK PLANNING GRID Sister Iqbal […]

  • Conference resources from Area 2 2017

    Alice Sarbicki: Teacher Guide RGS exemplar, RGS exemplar, Key stage 3 plan, LTLRE Presentation A Sarbicki Deborah Weston: LTLRE Keynote 020717 DW, Shi’a Islam KS4 final Emma McCarthy: Emma McCarthy Esther Messinger: Stretch and Challenge RE, Working memory CPD Fiona Moss: LTLRE keynote 2017Bath, Teaching Islam How Why What Janet Orchard: sharedspace_handout. 30.06.JO+AW_even more extra slides, Handout PAGE 1, Handout PAGE 2, The milk and the jasmine flower story Jill […]

  • Gurdwara – The Sikh Temple – Snatam Kaur FLIM CLIP

    As recommended by Penny Rouvas at Learn Teach Lead RE Area1’s 2017 Conference

  • Essentials of Dialogue, Difficult Dialogue, and Extremism – Ian Jamison

    Both presentations from Area 1’s Conference 2017 Resources – Essentials of Dialogue, Difficult Dialogue, and the Extremism Briefing note. 2 Videos – a nice, kids one, and a selection of exemplar VC Dialogue, And an invitation to the webinar Can all be found following the link https://goo.gl/uWynxM

  • UKS2 CHRISTMAS RESOURCE Mr Stricken’s Nativity Nightmare

    CHRISTMAS RESOURCE Mr Stricken’s Nativity Nightmare

  • LKS2 RE Scheme of Work – Jim’s Journey

    Gill Tewkesbury won the Hockerill / NATRE prize for innovate teaching in RE for 2014 for her work in primary school. She has kindly shared her SOW, the details of which are from the Hockerill website and then the resources are futher down. This entry follows the life of Jim, an 18 year old student […]

  • ICT and Religious Education

    Most RE classrooms now have a computer; access to the internet and a projector. This means that we can now access a wide range of free resources which we can use to engage our students. Both reonline and NATRE / REtoday are good starting points, but the ideas below might prove useful too. Ideas; links […]

Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 7:19am
Area 1 and Area 2 hub leaders joining together today for the joint PLRE training day @ed_pawson @CorrineGuntrip @KatieKates_84 https://t.co/VjCPKQdKlC ltlre photo